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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I back up the Solved program?

The information that you enter into the program is stored in a file solved.sqlite which is located in your documents folder. Simple copy this file and paste in another location to back it up.

Where's my licence key?

When you purchase Solved, you will be sent a licence key by email to enter in the activation screen. This is sent by the payment processor, Fastspring. Occasionally this email can end up in your junk mail folder, so check in there if you think that you have not received your licence.  If it is not there then contact us using the form above and a replacement key will be sent out to you.

What happens when the program is updated?

If you have purchased Solved, you will be sent an email when a new update is available. The new version will replace your existing one, but will not overwrite the information you have already entered.

Can I request features?

Yes, if you have any suggestions on adding features or improving the program then please contact us.

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