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How the Solved Method Works

The Solved Method program is intuitive and easy to use It can be used for all areas of your life where decisions need to be made,  including.


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How to Make Decisions and Solve Problems Using The Solved Method


screen1areaThe Area or Question

The Solved Method starts with defining the area of life in which you have a challenge or the question you want a decision for.


You then gather Objectives which are the wishes, hopes or dreams that you have for the area or challenge. From your list of objectives you create an objective statement which summarizes your objectives, or discerns a thread or pattern in your wishes.



It is important to make a decision based on all the facts. This means that you need to gather as much information as you can.

The Solved program includes lots of standard questions that you ask yourself to find out what you have already tried, what has worked and what has not worked. The questions also explore how you feel about the issue, your beliefs and your motivations.

After gathering information an information statement it created that is a summary of the information or sets down a pattern or theme apparent in the information.


Challenges are the obstacles that get in the way of finding a solution to an issue. They include things that have happened in the past and challenges that are currently taking place. You also need to anticipate challenges that can happen in the future so that they can be dealt with.

After looking at the challenges, a challenge statement is written that reflects the main theme of the challenges.

   ideasBrainstorm Ideas

The next stage of the Solved Method is to brainstorm ideas. Brainstorming is a creative process where the aim is to gather as many ideas, or possible decisions as you can. At this stage you are not concerned about whether an idea is sensible or practical. Novel and wacky ideas are welcome.

After the brainstorming process is complete, its time to evaluate  each idea in order to find the great ideas that will become the basis of the solution.

solutionFind the Solution/Make the Decision

Based on your great ideas, you then create a solution or make a decision.

 actionsResources and Actions

After a solution has been created or a decision made, steps need to be taken to implement the solution.  This starts with identifying resources needed. These could be in the form of equipment , skills to acquire or people who can help you.

Finally, you need to take actions. No solution can be completed without actions.

Try the Solved Method Out Today For Free


To find out more about the Solved Method download the Solved Method program today to see how it can help you make decisions. The program includes a detailed manual that makes it easy to understand how the Solved Method works.


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