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Master Problem Solving and Decision Making Using the Power of Creative Thinking


Discover the Secrets of the Top Decision Makers


Why do some people find decision making difficult, whilst others find it easy?

There are times in your life when, problems arise and important decisions need to be made. How can you be sure that the decisions you make are the best ones? Why do some people seem 'lucky' and appear to  make decisions with ease? What is their secret and how can you obtain it? If you struggle with life's problems and wrestle with decision making, then this is probably because you have never been taught the right way to go about it. The Solved Method is here to help you improve your decision making skills.


Creative Thinking

The secret to successful problem solving is creative thinking. Using creative thinking you come up with new and innovative ways to solve your problems. Everyone is creative, but for some their creativity lies dormant. You need to learn the process that will wake up your creative juices so that decision making becomes easier. The Solved Method includes a software application that guides through the step by step process of using your creative mind to solve problems and make decisions. Click here to discover all the features of the Solved Program


Creative Problem Solving Since the 1950's

Many companies have used Creative Problem Solving to solve common business problems. Creative Problem Solving was created by Alex Osborn in the 1950's to help people working in advertising be more creative.  His methods were further developed by Sydney Parnes who tested and applied  CPS to many business situations.  Creative Problem Solving techniques have been used to successfully find solutions for common business problems in a number of businesses including Starbucks, Ralph Lauren and the HSBC bank. Now the power of Creative Problem Solving is available to help you solve your problems and make important decisions. The Solved Method guides you through the  Creative Problem Solving process.

What the Solved Method Can Do For You


The Solved Method Software is a program that takes you step by step through the process of creative problem solving and decision making. It runs on both Windows PC and Mac computers. The program uses the minds natural ability for convergent and divergent thinking. Convergent thinking is when you generate options and divergent thinking is when you select or summarize your options. What this means is that:

Find out more about how the Solved Method works

Try the Solved Program For Free

The best way to understand the Solved Method software is to try it out for free today. Simply follow the link below to gain access to this program:


Get the Full Program


The free version of Solved lets you create one Solved plan only. Purchasing the full version allows you to create an unrestricted number of solutions and decisions for every area of your life. You also get the book The Solved Method which details the philosophy and methodology behind the Solved Method and gives you a step by step guide on how to implement the Solved Method in your life.



Take advantage of our 90 Day Guarantee and experience the power of Solved, today!

The Solved Method trains you to use your creative mind to make inspired decisions and solve problems. With a little help from The SolvedMethod, you can live a breakthrough life—and you can serve as an inspiration to everyone around you. But don’t just take our word for it. Join the  people who’ve already changed their lives with The Solved Method. Join today and start your decisions making journey.


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